BelgraviaPRO successfully transitions into Guilderton Holiday Park in Guilderton, Western Australia

Guilderton Holiday Park provides an almost undiscovered getaway less than 100km from Perth. The Holiday Park is situated at the mouth of the Moore River, and just metres from one of the most peaceful stretches of the Western Australian coastline.

BelgraviaPRO’s General Manager of Tourism and Wellness, Karen Golden, notes “We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to partner with the Shire of Gingin for greater community outcomes and to provide greater tourism offerings in the local region.”

“We are also excited to announce that the Park will be called Guilderton Holiday Park in line with the transition. The name change supports the desire to promote the ‘holiday’ aspect of the park and the region in addition to promoting tourism in and to the region. We will also be introducing eight new glamping sites at Guilderton Holiday Park. With the launch of these eco-friendly luxury glamping sites, we look forward to creating jobs within the community and stimulating the local economy,” Golden concluded.

Shire of Gingin CEO, Aaron Cook, is pleased to have BelgraviaPRO come aboard. “They’ve already commenced liaison with Shire officers and community members in Guilderton and they’ve been a pleasure to work with thus far. Some of our staff have worked with BelgraviaPRO for other facilities in previous roles at other Shires so they know from this experience how passionate BelgraviaPRO are and just what they can bring to the table. Staff and council are looking forward to seeing how they will progress and grow Guilderton Holiday Park.”

BelgraviaPRO is a subsidiary of Belgravia Health and Leisure Group who, in addition to the 25 tourist parks under BelgraviaPRO management, also manage over 200 aquatic, fitness, golf and wellness venues on behalf of over 70 local and state governments and private businesses.

With an excellent track record in a variety of different environments ranging from high end resorts to remote outback locations, BelgraviaPRO is proud of its partnership approach towards the management of its tourism and holiday assets.

By actively working with the local community to complement and support the local tourism industry, BelgraviaPRO is confident that Guilderton Holiday Park will strike an important balance between a focus on the tourist market and the local community.

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