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“To the training team – I thought I might send you a brief update on the experience I have had so far in the last ten months since enrolling in my course. From the very start, being totally new to the caravan park industry, I had no preconceived work ethics or practises. After attending the practical course, followed by participating in the work opportunity, then to the position I am currently in at the BIG4, I have found that the relationship between the information provided in the course and theory, the answers and your assessments in the course so far and the work I have been doing at these places go hand in hand to mould these ethics and practises. Every situation that has arisen in my latest work roles (there have been many) I have dealt with automatically by having absorbed and using the information to handle the every-day circumstances that happen in this industry. I have found the pace at which I am completing the units and the progress I am making in my work is closely linked. The practical course and the theory work are giving me a great insight into how to manage different situations and people. By drawing on what I have learned so far and applying it to my work I have found that most, if not all situations can be addressed by sticking to the basic principles contained in the information provided.”

January 2019

“We would both like to thank you and Darren for giving us a start in this great industry, beginning with our training course. Although the park was hectic, we had a great time, using our training and learning to manage a caravan park was extremely rewarding. Once again Natalie, thank you for all your help and guidance in our theory over the past fifteen months, it was very much appreciated.”

August 2018

“I want to thank the PRO Management team and especially you (Natalie), for making this learning experience enjoyable. Sorry I kept you under the pump so much but I am a pretty driven person and when I have a goal I strive to achieve it. I did achieve my goal – with you and your team’s help. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and also the challenge and look forward to putting it all into practice in the near future.”

February 2018

“From my first enquiry email regarding the course to Darren & later to Natalie, it was handled quickly & efficiently. I eventually started my studies towards the end of Sept 17 and finished the theory subjects in Mar 18. Natalie is so hard working, nothing was too difficult, constantly replying to emails, always there with some form of extra information/statistic and I never had to wait long for comments on my submitted assignments. Thrown into the mix, during the theory, was my 2 weeks of practical experience, where I met for the first time Cameron & Louise Sterling. It was an amazing adventure, the 2 weeks of practical training in Toowoomba. Darren, Cameron, Louise and Natalie have a wealth of industry knowledge & life skills. They did a fantastic job organising the course schedule & individual rosters, all aimed at giving you the hands on training/experiences necessarily required for park management. Every day was different, from cleaning cabins, amenities, operations to manning the reception desk. Darren, Cameron, Louise & Natalie, I thank you very much for the time, effort and experiences you shared with myself & fellow course attendees. You were collectively & individually approachable and answered my/our questions at any time.”

February 2018

“We both have gained so much from the practical side of the course – I understand that the theory side is necessary for the certification, but a day does not go by where we do not call on a part of our practical skills and theoretical knowledge which we acquired in Toowoomba”

June 2017

“What a great time I had at your training course in Toowoomba. My husband and myself have been managing/care taking at a campground now for over five months and doing very well. Most nights we accommodate up to 32 travelers in all sorts of rigs, plus handling the event’s that are held here. Once again I would like to thank you for your training, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this position.”

February 2017

“My husband and I signed up in March this year to undertake a Certificate IV in Travel & Tourism with PRO Management. We started the online component of the course in April and with our trainer Natalie’s support and guidance, finished the theory component in plenty of time to attend the practical component in November at The Big 4 Batemans Bay Beach Resort. The practical component was the best experience for both of us. Professional, thorough and the best fun. We cannot recommend highly enough the PRO Management team for course delivery and we look forward to a continued relationship during our travels around Australia”.

December 2016

“You’ve (PRO Management) done a great job supporting us and thank you. Also a big thank you to Darren for the course. It was great to have hands on experience and now I can say I feel more confident to step into an RMS role”

November 2016
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