Frequently Asked Questions

BelgraviaPRO Pty Ltd currently operates two Registered Training Organisations (RTO)

Fee for service training: BelgraviaPRO RTO ID 45497

Government funded training:  PRO Management RTO ID 40890. 

All FAQ’s below relate to both RTO’s.

1. What courses do you offer?

We presently offer four nationally recognised qualifications:

SIT30116 – Certificate III in Tourism

SIT40116 – Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism

SIT30416 – Certificate III in Holiday Parks and Resorts (HPR)

SIT40316 – Certificate IV in Holiday Parks and Resorts (HPR)

We also offer short courses – The “Practical Component” of the full qualification.  If successfully completed, you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for four accredited modules. “Introduction to RMS” gaining you a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for two accredited modules.

2. Are any of your courses nationally recognised and accredited?

ALL the modules or units of competency gained through completion of our courses are nationally recognised. Our complete qualifications – Certificates III and IV in both Tourism and Holiday Parks are nationally accredited and recognised.

3. How can I pay for the course fees?

PRO Management offers bank transfer. If required, we do also offer the option of a tiered payment plan. The tiered payment plan is not available for the RMS short course.

4. Are there any opportunities for government funding for my course?

Yes. Provided you meet eligibility criteria, our RTO PRO Management is able to offer a government subsidy for Queensland and New South Wales residents. Visit the government funding page for more information

5. Do your RTO’s offer the opportunity of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer?

Yes we do. We will require a copy of the official transcript of units/modules completed. Currency – time since completed – is usually 5-10 years.

6. Can I complete a Certificate IV without prior qualifications?

Yes, a student is able to complete a Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism – even if not having completed any prior qualifications. However, due to Government regulations, we are unable to offer a Certificate IV in Holiday Parks and Resorts to students without previous holiday park industry experience and/or theoretical knowledge. It is possible to upgrade to a Certificate IV Holiday Parks and Resorts qualification once you have completed a Certificate III or have worked in a holiday park.

7. Is the work undertaken in the Introduction to RMS two-day course covered in the 8-day practical component?

Yes it is. The two-day RMS course is an “Introduction to RMS”. The work covered in this introduction is addressed in the first sessions of the 8 days component with lots more RMS workshops on a live program, as well as rostered shifts in the park office undertaken.

8. How long do we have to complete the courses?

With the complete qualifications (Certificates III and IV), the required theory is “self-paced”, but the maximum allowed for completion is one year from enrolment. If completing only the “practical component” this is completed over the eight days, with the Introduction to RMS completed over two days – which is usually a weekend.

9. How long after enrolling before I start the course?

Once you have submitted your enrolment form, we will then invoice you for course fees. If working through a full qualification, as soon as your deposit is paid to BelgraviaPRO, you will receive your first online module to begin your theory. For all other courses, once final payment is received, enrolment is completed until attendance at chosen practical date.

10. Is it a requirement to have a qualification to work in caravan parks?

At this point in time, it is neither a “requirement” nor a “necessity” to have a qualification to gain employment in a caravan park. However, we strongly believe it is a great advantage to have a formal qualification in trying to gain employment in this industry as a number of owners and contract partners are now looking to employ “trained staff”.  Any industry training is advantageous because it helps people develop relevant skills, provides insight into the holiday park industry and can assist in developing a network of holiday park contacts.

11. How is the course delivered?

Complete Certification: The theory is self-paced and online via an e-learning system – Catapult. A maximum of 12 months is allowed for completion of both theory and attendance at the practical component. The eight days practical component is required to be completed for attainment of full certification. It is not a necessity or prerequisite to have all online modules completed prior to attending the two weeks at the training park. However, if timeframes permit we believe it is advisable – as we know from history – it can be hard for trainees to finish their theory after they have attended the practical component due to either gaining employment or learning so much in the eight days the theory feels secondary – which is definitely not the case.
Practical Component: Eight days “working” the daily roster in a busy holiday park in a training environment with practical and workshop-based assessments.
RMS: Classroom based over two days, usually on a weekend. Introductory work on RMS with computers (provided by the RTO) with a live RMS training program provided.

12. Where is the practical component held?

Our training venues include BIG4 Nelligen Holiday Park, NSW, and BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, QLD. Visit our Training Venues page to find out more about the parks.

13. Is there any time off during the eight days?

No – this is an intensive eight day course and as such the timeframe does not permit time off.  We produce a roster which works in with the daily activities of the park.  Due to the park workload varying daily, our rosters can often be a moving target.  Expect a “flexible roster”!

14. Is there a guarantee of work after the course?

We can never guarantee 100% that all course participants will gain employment – the same if you complete a university degree – no guarantees can be given.

15. What do I need to bring to the courses?

Practical Component: Casual clothing suitable for both “working” outdoors (cleaning/maintenance/pool service) and also for shifts in a classroom and office environment. Covered-in shoes. Hat, sunscreen, wet weather gear and also seasonal suitable clothing (winter/summer). Catering and social entertainment is a personal expense.

RMS: Pen/paper required for personal notes. All other resources supplied including laptops and live RMS program. Morning/afternoon tea provided. Lunch is personal catering.

Please note:  We email out detailed information prior to both the practical and RMS courses.

16. Is accommodation for the practical component covered in the course fees?

No, our fees cover our training and certification expenses only. Accommodation is a personal expense. However, both training parks offer a very generous discount on accommodation. Accommodation is to be organised directly with the park.  On booking, once you advise reservation staff you are attending one of our courses, they will automatically apply the relevant discount.

17. I’m not good on computers – will this be a problem?

All our courses do involve some theory which is completed by computer work. Some computer experience would be advantageous in completing our courses. We have had trainees complete with very little technological experience – we are always on hand to help.  We do ask all students to complete this “Skills level” form. Questions on this checklist are simply intended to gain further information regarding the needs of students. BelgraviaPRO staff will evaluate the information submitted in the checklist and if required, will have a discussion with the student regarding his / her requirements and make any necessary changes to meet the student’s needs.

18. What actually happens during the eight-day practical component?

We believe the “practical component” is an invaluable insight into life of working in a busy caravan park. Our trainees “work” (in a training environment), as close as possible to the park roster. Students are rostered on with all departments of park staff – from housekeeping and grounds maintenance to reception/admin staff. Daily workshops are held covering RMS, LPG decanting and WHS subjects.

We have lots of conversations and diverse ‘behind-the-scene’ park life information is discussed daily. Friendships are formed, connections are made and our HR department utilises our training courses as a data base for possible employment of suitable staff for properties currently under our management

19. I’ve done cleaning before – do I still need to clean during the practical component?

Yes you do. We are not out to teach someone how to clean, how to mow a lawn, vacuum a pool, clean a cabin etc.  Most people know how to clean, mow, care for pools – but commercial accommodation cleaning and facility upkeep is an intensive procedure. Immaculate and tidy facilities are one of the first thing guests in holiday parks look for. Over the eight days, we aim to show best practice and the standard that is required in quality holiday parks, presenting their accommodation and facilities at the highest level possible.

20. Do both partners need to complete the course?

It is not a requirement at all – but it is certainly an advantage for both partners to complete the course. Both partners can gain an insight into all departments/areas of working in a holiday park – which leads to the understanding that in most holiday park situations – it is not a “her” and “him” position.

21. I’m on my own – can I still do the course?

Yes of course! Historically many park positions have been for couples but there is an increasing employment opportunities for single people as more diverse positions are becoming available, a number looking for only one staff member.

22. What do the courses cost?

Please contact for our current course schedule and fee listing.

23. Is there any way I can gain further insight into what goes on during the courses and keep in touch with PRO Management?

Follow BelgraviaPRO on Facebook for latest updates on current and future courses, including photos! Also visit our testimonials page on our website to hear from past trainees and their experiences with our RTO’s. Our Latest News feed is regularly updated with interesting and exciting BelgraviaPRO news.

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