Studying can open up the world to those wishing to gain new skills or even to simply upskill their current position.  Nationally recognised courses are on offer to existing caravan park staff and also to those wishing to take their career on the open road.

BelgraviaPRO’s administration team has been involved in the park industry for over 29 years and working with the team of PRO Management, they are determined to help you gain the essential skills and experience you need.

The industry-based trainers possess the experience required to provide valuable insight into the “real-life” operation of busy holiday parks and resorts.  We offer quality training and skills to prepare students for work now and in the future.

Our company can offer two streams of study.

Fee for Service – BelgraviaPRO RTO ID 45497 offers training to individuals and businesses on a fee-for-service basis for businesses looking to upskill their staff or students not eligible for funded training.

Government Funded Training – PRO Management Pty Ltd RTO ID 40890For students who are eligible, Government funded training is delivered through our second RTO.  Please click here to check your eligibility status.

Fee For Service

Belgravia PRO Pty Ltd

Tourism and holiday parks and resorts are separate industries but have such close links that they are often thought of as one. The interrelationship exists because of the integrated products and services they produce, the close business-to-business relationships that exist across both industries, the common customers they service and the sales and service staff employed, who often cross industries during their career.


Government Funded Training

PRO Management Pty Ltd

Funded training gives eligible individuals the opportunity to complete a full qualification that can lead to a greater job outcome or career advancement. To do this, the Queensland Government and New South Wales Governments subsidise the cost of training for eligible students and provides greater choice by allowing more training providers to deliver government subsidised training.



Industry-based and experienced holiday and caravan park staff are the committed trainers for all our courses. All staff have undergone years of practical experience in a tourism and caravan park environment, covering all facets of front and back office, sales and marketing, maintenance and grounds operations as well as having experience in park sales, staff recruitment and overall business management.

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All students who successfully complete their qualifications receive a nationally recognised certificate demonstrating their knowledge, commitment and achievements. It is becoming evident that even experienced caravan park staff receive positive outcomes from these training courses and they can only help expand on their existing knowledge and insight into working in the industry. We aim to produce a learning culture within the industry to better equip existing staff, and also help train and encourage new staff into the industry.


Completion of our nationally recognised qualifications involves online theoretical study, as well as an eight day practical training component that takes place at one of our designated training parks. The practical course attendance is mandatory allowing the trainers to evaluate and assess students in a holiday park work environment. The online learning option allows students to undertake flexible study options to suit each individual. There is a twelve month time-frame for completion of the qualifications.  The practical component can be attended as a stand-alone course with a Statement of Attainment issued on completion.

Our Training Team

Jill Kellett
RTO Training Manager

Natalie Berzinski
RTO Administration Manager

Emily James
RTO Trainer

Darren Beck