Iconic Aussie animals and where to see them 

Australia is home to a wealth of iconic animals from cuddly favourites to big critters with bite! With some of the most unique and diverse wildlife in the world, no matter where you go there’s sure to be something interesting to see in Australia’s animal kingdom. But if you’re looking to cross off some big names on your animal bingo card, read on for our picks of the best places to see some of the most famous Aussie wildlife… 


Dingo: Fraser Island, QLD 

World Heritage listed Fraser Island along the south eastern coast of QLD is home to some of the country purest dingo population, making it a very special place! Due to the remoteness of the island, they have the ability to become to purest stain of dingo in the eastern seaboard. Just like us, they live to travel, swim and spend a lot of time on the beach. Experts say that is it one of the best places to spot the native wild dog, however, ensure you enjoy them from afar. They are not the same as your domesticated dog and it is important to not touch or feed the dingoes. 

Nearest Bpro Parks:  
Elliot Heads Holiday Park 
Moore Park Beach Holiday Park 
Miara Holiday Park 

Kangaroo: Kangaroo Island, SA 

How can you go past a located that is named after arguable Australia’s most iconic animal?! Kangaroos can be spotted just about anywhere across the country but this small island off the coast of South Australia has an estimated population of 65,000 kangas which makes it a very high chance you’re going to spot a few.  

Nearest Bpro Parks: 
Williamstown Caravan Park 
Talunga Park 


Koala: The Otway Coast, VIC 

In our opinion, the koala is Australia’s cutest iconic animal. Our answer to the cuddly bear (although not a bear at all) koalas are loved for their fluffy and cuddly appearance and laconic nature. The Australia koala population has suffered over the years due to bushfires and habitat destruction but they can still be frequently seen in the wild along the eastern and south parts of mainland Australia. You can find an abundance of koalas along the Otway Coast and Great Ocean Road as there is a plethora of manna gums and blue gums.  

Nearest Bpro Parks: 
Lakes and Craters Holiday Park 
Forrest Holiday Park 
Torquay Caravan Park 


Sea Turtle: Southern Great Barrier Reef, QLD 

The Great Barrier Reef hosts six of the seven marine turtle species, with green turtles being the most common. The Southern Great Barrier Reef region boasts heaps of sandy beaches and islands across the Whitsunday’s and offers a range of tours to get under the water to experience these majestic sea turtles in their natural habitat. Turtles nest from November to January which means the best time to see these creatures is during the warmer months, with hatching season from January to April!  

Nearest Bpro Park: 
Kipara Tropical Rainforest Retreat 

Sea Turtle

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